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A-State PBL MicroSociety Supply Drive

Today A-State Phi Beta Lambda held a supply drive for our friends at Jonesboro Microsociety Elementary School, and the folks in Jonesboro showed up in a big way.

First thank you to Walmart on Parker Road for letting us set at the store to collect donations!

The kids at Micro get "micro money" for doing good in school, and they spend it at the school store. We asked what was the most in demand at the school store, and the Principal said it was actually "special" school supplies - pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, colored pencils, books, and the gold mine for the kids - ear buds! So these were the items we asked the folks going into Walmart to consider donating.

The people in Northeast Arkansas donated:

1,583 pens 222 highlighters 1,215 mechanical pencils 416 regular pencils 96 markers 18 books / coloring books 182 boxes of 24 count crayons 52 packs of colored pencils 8 pairs of earbuds and $192.64

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